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Privacy Policy

Jitera Inc. and JITERA PTE LTD (collectively, "we" or "Jitera") hereby set forth this privacy policy (this "Policy") as follows with regard to the handling of information including Personal Information (meaning Personal Information as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (ActNo. 57 of 2003; the "Personal Information Protection Act") to be received (collectively, the"Personal Information, Etc.") from users of the services we provide (the "Services")

1. Personal Information, Etc. to be Acquired

The Personal Information, Etc. we acquire includes the following information.

1.1 User's own information directly provided by the user We may be provided information directly from the user when the user starts using the Services. The information provided directly by the user includes not only the user's own information, such as the user's name, but also the contact information, such as e-mail address and telephone number.

1.2 Information regarding third parties received from users We may receive the Personal Information, Etc. about third parties from the user, such as when receiving customer or employee information from the user when using the Services.

1.3 Information automatically obtained by Jitera as a result of the use of the Services When users use the Services or browse Jitera's website, etc., information may be acquired, such as information on IP addresses, Cookie or similar technologies, terminal ID, location information, access logs, browsing history, etc. (Some of such information do not fall under the category of Personal Information, but this Policy applies to those that fall under the category of Personal Information.)

2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information, Etc. Acquired or Received, etc.

2.1 We use acquired Personal Information, Etc. for the following purposes: ・ Provision of the Services and after-sales services such as maintenance, etc. ・ Notification of information on new services by mail, telephone, E-mail, etc. ・ Planning, development, improvement, and quality improvement of the Services ・ Marketing research for the Services ・ Analysis of users' service usage histories and improving service quality thereby ・ Communication and confirmation in the event of a problem with the Services ・ Response to inquiries from users related to the above ・ Marketing activities and notification of Jitera's services related to or similar to the Services ・ Various responses to users' other requests

2.2 We may send advertising and promotional mail regarding our services, etc., to users via e-mail.

3. Provision of Personal Information, Etc. to Third Parties

We will not provide entrusted Personal Information, Etc. to third parties; provided, however, that this shall not apply to the following cases:

3.1 Where individual consent is obtained for the provision of Personal Information, Etc.

3.2 In the event all or part of the Personal Information, Etc. is provided to subcontractors to the extent necessary for the achievement of the respective purpose of use. In this case, we will provide the Personal Information, Etc. with appropriate supervision of information management on the subcontractor

3.3 In the event of joint use We may share and jointly use the following information between us or with other companies within the scope of the purpose of use described in this Policy ・ User's basic information such as name, telephone number and E-mail address ・ Information on the user's history of use of the Services

3.4 Cases based on laws and regulations, etc. We may provide Personal Information, Etc. to a third party in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, in cases where such provision is executed subject to laws and regulations or where it is necessary for the protection of the lives, bodies, or property of individuals and it is difficult to obtain the consent of such individuals. Even in such cases, we will limit the provision to the extent necessary and strive to protect the privacy rights of users, etc. involved in disclosure.

4. Methods of Request for Disclosure, Correction, Deletion, Elimination, and Suspension of Use of Personal Information, Etc. from Users

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, if a person requests disclosure, correction, deletion, elimination, or suspension of use of Personal Information, Etc. (including records of the provision or receipt of Personal Information between Jitera and a third party), please contact the contact point described below. We will explain the specific procedures separately. In the event of disclosure of Personal Information, Etc., you will be asked to select the method, whether by electromagnetic method or by actual paper, and to submit the prescribed identification documents to us, and to pay the prescribed fee determined by us. In addition, if you wish to submit opinions or questions or make any other inquiries about the handling of Personal Information, please contact the contact point.

5. Security Control Measures

We take necessary and appropriate safety control measures to manage Personal Information, Etc., such as preventing leakage, loss, or damage. We will also provide necessary and appropriate supervision to employees and contractors handling personal information. If you want to know more about safety management measures for personal information, please contact the contact point described below.

6. Use of Personal Information, Etc. for Other Purposes

We will not use the Personal Information, Etc. of the user beyond the scope of the purpose of use stated in this Policy at the time of acquisition without the consent of the user; provided, however, that this provision shall not apply in the event of a reason permitted by the Personal Information Protection Act.

7. Use of Cookies

We use Google Analytics provided by Google to provide appropriate services to the user. We may receive the results of Google's collection and analysis of user’s browsing history based on Cookie set by Jitera or by Google, and use them to understand how the user use Jitera’s website and Services. Please refer to the following Google website for more information on Google's treatment of data in Google Analytics. Google's use of information collected from sites and applications that use Google services.

8. Contact for Inquiries and Complaints

For requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, elimination, and suspension of use of Personal Information, Etc., as well as inquiries, opinions, and questions regarding this Policy or our handling of Personal Information, Etc., please contact the following contact point: Jitera Inc. - Personal Information Contact Point 14th Floor, Hibiya Central Building 1-2-9 Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0003 E-mail address: ※ Please note that our holidays such as weekends, holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays may have time to respond.

9. Procedures for Changing this Privacy Policy

We will make changes to this Policy as necessary. In such case, we will inform the user of the content of the revised privacy policy and when it will be enforced by displaying it on our website or by any other appropriate means.

Established February 7, 2024
Revised on March 6, 2024