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A global remote software development company.


Build the Next Era of Software Development
In 2019, IDC released a report stating that "500 million cloud-native software applications will be developed by 2023, which is the same number of software applications developed in the last 40 years." Like Internet traffic, a huge number of software applications are being developed around the world at an accelerating rate.
On the other hand, public clouds have become commonplace in infrastructure over the past decade, and the time needed to think about infrastructure for software development is rapidly decreasing.
The rapidly increasing demand for software and the rapidly decreasing cost of infrastructure construction have created a bottleneck for application development. In order to enrich society with the power of software, Jitera has set a corporate mission to "create the next era of software development."


To be the de facto standard of software development
What will the world look like after we have built the next era of software development?
AWS and other public clouds have become the de facto standard for building infrastructure. No longer is it necessary to purchase hardware to release new software, and the engineers who set up the hardware now simply configure it on AWS.
At Jitera, our vision is “to be the defacto standard of software development”. As infrastructure have been automated, software development will be automated, and from startup MVP builds to large-scale system builds will be designed and developed on Jitera as a matter of course. Students learn how to use Jitera in college classes and senior engineers in Tech giant company is developing software using Jitera as is always. This world is our vision for Jitera.
Just as people search Google for information without any doubts, just as Apple has made it common sense to have one computer per household, and just as public clouds such as AWS have become the norm for building infrastructure, Jitera's vision is to create a world where all of software developer use Jitera to develop software as is always.
In the future of software development, we are confident that software development using Jitera will become the world's de facto standard, creating a more convenient and developed future supported by countless software.

Company Profile


Company Name
Jitera Inc.
Office Location
1-28-2 Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0046
Launched Date
August 21, 2017
Nao Yanagisawa
1,000,000 yen
Number of Employees
Business Model
  1. Development and delivery of software development platform called Jitera.
  2. Contract based software development and system operation.
  3. Consulting for software business.


Company Name
Office Location
Launched Date
5 June 2022
Nao Yanagisawa
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Build the Next Era of Software Development.
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Build the Next Era of Software Development.