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Shipped β version of Jitera

Shipped β version of Jitera

Jitera is a development platform that automates the software development process. It automates a wide range of processes from front-end to back-end, infrastructure, API integration, and others that are required to release software. Instead of the code that used to be written by humans one by one, code that does not require complex logic can be written by "Jitera" to reduce the man-hours of engineers. By outputting the source code, development speed can be 10x faster with the same flexibility as full-scratch development.

We have conducted demonstration tests using "Jitera" on dozens of projects with several development companies, including Runsystem, and have succeeded in automating development by an average of 60-70% and a maximum of 90%.

It's free during the beta period. For more information, please see the URL link below.

Jitera - Development Automation Designed for Developers